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Jacob's Robe™

Large-Flowered Climber - Multi-color Yellow & Peach Blushing Pinky Red
Yes, we’re making a verbal pun on the beloved Joseph’s Coat, one of the most popular of all Climbers. Pun aside, for many years we’ve sought to capture the same great colors on a much improved plant. The blushing yellows, pinks & reds of Jacob’s Robe aren’t an exact match. But the multi-color effect is even more dramatic. It’s equally floriferous, re-blooming readily in the very first year. But the plant shows off the big difference – more natural vigor, lusher glossy deep green leaves, better disease resistance & more hardines.

Height / Habit: Long canes of 10 to 12 feet
Bloom / Size: Large, double
Petal count: 20 to 25
Parentage: Autumn Sunset x Playboy
Fragrance: Moderate spice
Hybridizer: Carruth - 2008
Comments: Free-flowering. Blooms on new & old wood