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Chokeberry Aronia melocarpa


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Don't dismiss the Chokecherry just because of its name. It is a versatile, thornless shrub with beautiful flowers in the spring and abundant food for birds in the winter. Tasty treats for the gardener can be made from its fruit as well. Their flowers are beautiful, they remind me of Butterfly Bushes. They have a strong, sweet frangrance reminiscent of almonds. Blooming after the leaves appear, they are attractive in the garden from mid-May through June. They were an extremely important crop to native north Americans, who dried the fruit in the sun and used them all through the winter. Wonderful for Jams and Jellies. Harvest when fruit is black or taste will be astrigent. Very hardy, native to Colorado. NOTE: a broken branch with wilted leaves is poisonous to horses. The seeds(pits) are poisonous for them too. Makes a wonderful loose tall hedge or windbreak.


Mature Height
Mature Spread
Soil Type
Well Drained
Widely adaptable
Growth Rate
Sun Exposure
Full Sun to part shade
Foliage Color