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Mothers Day Scavanger Hunt in the gardens!
A super fun activity for Mom! Free Admission!  
Sunday, May 13th All Day 9 to 5
FREE PANCAKES starting at 9 A.M. 

 This is an adult scavenger hunt, and we encourage families to bring their children to accompany them, but ONLY if they can understand and abide by the rules so Moms can have FUN! Leashed well behaved pets are welcome.

OBJECTIVE: Find atleast 12 Robins nests hidden throughout the nursery in order. Each nest will contain another clue. Find all 15 nests and win free flowers, coupons and discounts good for the rest of the year!

TIME: Come in anytime to play on Saturday 9a.m. to 5p.m.
This is not a race  but a game of clue- give yourself enough time to find all
15 Nests and if you want pancakes get their early.

1.When you arrive, sign in at the cash register.

2.EVERYONE CAN PLAY AND WIN! The game is free, admission is free, morning pancakes are free and there is no purchase necessary and those who complete it will automatically entered into a sweepstakes and be allowed to draw from our prize Box. So, if you complete...you win!

3. We will give you your first clue to find a tree, shrub or plant. 
(example: Find a vine that flowers and grows well in shade)

4. TIP TOE THROUGH THE TULIPS and Find the tree shrub or plant in the garden center-Seek and look for the robins nest near the tree or plant, there you will find your next hint written on tree tags .  TAKE ONLY ONE TAG...these tags are numbered #1 through #15 and each numbered tag contains the the same hint. Let others enjoy and play also.

There may be more than one answer, it may lead you on a different path and it is possible that one plant might run out of tags and have an "EMPTY NEST"  (we do this so everyone doesnt cheat and tell their freinds or just follow eachother around) If that happens think of a different plant that  fits the clue and continue playing. 

Example: CLUE find a vine that flowers in the shade 
Possible Nests: Silverlace vine, Climbing Hydrangea, Chinese wisteria 

There are different paths and this game was designed to go in order. You may be stealing a clue that doesnt go to your game at all and ruining it for another person. And although it might help you to run around just looking for random nests marked #1 through #12-It can also make it harder.
There will be DUMMY Nests situated throughout the nursery that are random with the same numbered nest and following their hints might get you lost led to an empty nest that tells you to start over. You can avoid these nests simply by playing by the rules. THE POINT IS PLAY THIS GAME IN ORDER for the most fun for everyone. Youll learn alot and have a great time looking at all the plants and celebrating spring.

5.Bring your Clue Tags to the cash register. If you have found all 12 nest and they are correct answers marked #1- #12 You will be allowed to draw from the hat to find your deal or Mothers Day gift .