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Purple Leaf Sand Cherry 'Prunus x Cistena'


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 Purple Leaf Sand Cherry 'Prunus x Cistena', has been a long standing favorite of the flowering plum trees. The Cistena Plum is as well known for its fragrant pinkish flowers which pop out in the early to mid spring as it is for the striking purple to red leaves that remain through the summer months. Cistena Plum, as with all Flowering Plums or Purple Leaf Plums, requires moist soil and can handle acidic to slightly alkaline pH levels. Plant them in full sun, as shaded areas may not allow the leaves to develop as dark a purple hue. This plant is potentially poisonous and would be best not planted around farm animals, schools, or in landscapes where pets and/or children might ingest any part of the blooms or leaves.

The Cistena Flowering Plum will make an impressive impact of color whether planted within a garden setting or on its own as a hedge. With its fragrant flowering to a long growing season of purple to red leaves and its attractive branching structure.