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The  Black Currant, Ribes nigrum , is an extremely productive, self-fertile variety, ripening late in the season. Its soft rich green leaves turn bright orange, yellow or red in the fall. The black fruits have a strong flavor, are medium in size, and borne in clusters. These rounded, juicy, sweet fruit, 1/4 inch in diameter, have a blackberry flavor and can be used for jelly, jam, or sauces. Consort is very hardy and a reliable producer. East to grow! Height 3'-4', Spread 4 feet, Zones 3-7
 The Redlake Currant, 'Ribes 'Red Lake', is a very productive, semi-erect vigorous grower that produces clusters of large bright red berries borne on 2-3 year old wood. Redlake is a glossy green leafed plant suitable for hedging. Fruits can be used for jams and jellies. The most popular red-currant cultivar in the upper Midwest that ripens in mid-July, and remains productive in partial shade. The bushes are highly ornamental and provide visual appeal, take up a relatively small growing area, and provide plenty of fruit for eating fresh or making into preserves and pies. Height 3'-4', Spread 4 feet, Zones 3-7